Apart from the first appointment, tariffs vary in accordance with income. Rates are fixed by common agreement.

First appointment (fixed rate) : 30€ for an individual  and  50€ for a couple

Following sessions :

-> Individual : between 40€ and 60€  for 1 hour

-> Couple : between 60€ and 80€  for 1 hour

or between 70€ and 95€  for 1 hour 20 minutes (ideal duration for a session)

Please Note :

→ For the first contact, a telephone call is always preferable to email.

→ Punctuality is important as there is no waiting room.

Sessions are held in French ; if needed, they can also be held in English or Spanish.

→ The sessions are to be paid for in cash on the day of the appointment ; cancellations need to be a minimum of 2 full days in advance (48 hours) ; any session not cancelled within the stipulated time will be charged at the full rate.