tête funambuleMan is not a solitary beast ; we are social beings and as such we function within a network of relationships. This fabric of relationships builds us, forms us, stimulates us and gives us security…except when there is a tear !

I aim to :

Help relieve the stress of problems, of overbearing needs, of emotionally invasive situations and their impact on daily life.

Reduce and contain a latent sense of worthlessness, or a sense of loss of direction, of emptiness, of anxiety, and of one of its consequences – addiction.

Question what directs our choices, why recurring situations continue to assail us, what our stumbling blocks are.

Raise awareness of our underlying mechanisms, our status in any of our relationships (partner, family, professional, social, …) and the stakes we place in those relationships.

I have a particular empathy for the healing work of couples. “Couple” is understood in a wide sense, and is not the simple equation of husband and wife, or man and woman, but can be extended to include a parent and their teenager. Difficulties and conflicts can be treated either individually, or as a couple – it is not necessary for both parties to be present for progress to be made.

When there is a problem in any relationship, this may intrude into other areas of our being, creating difficulties such as depression, loneliness, addiction, obsession, anxiety, or a lack of confidence, …these points can all be addressed during a session.

My clinical practise is based on both psychoanalysis and Transactional Analysis, establishing connections between the psyche and our relationships.