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A deep interest in the meanderings of the human mind led me to a change of profession : my career as a therapist comes after a previous career in a profession that seems worlds away, and yet…

For more than 20 years I have been part of the world of rehearsal studios, theatres and street venues performing as a trapeze artist. I have also taught trapeze in many cities throughout the world.

Why does one train to catch a trapeze, or to fall into a net ? Which movements have a bearing on the smooth development of a sequence ? Within the partnership of catcher and flyer, how does one have an effect on the other ? How do the interactions articulate for the sequence to work ?

For me, there is a clear correspondence between the challenges of catcher and flyer, and the latent behaviour patterns of couples. Therapy for couples addresses the specifics of both the evident and the invisible bonds which condition relationships.

Also, teaching trapeze techniques requires a sense of analysis and transmission…both of these qualities are essential knowledge for a therapist.

My change of career involved the following studies :

  • 5 years of training in transactional analysis

  • 3 years of training as Family and Marital Counsellor (Bachelor’s degree)

  • 1 year of specialisation in psychological traumatism

As a member of the UPCCF (Professional Union of Marital and Family Counsellors) and Assobat (Belgian French-speaking Association of Transactional Analysis), I respect and follow their ethical codes.