tête funambuleHow does one set about choosing a therapist ? Among the hordes of therapies on offer, how do you know if you are pushing the right door ? Over and above any titles or qualifications, an important yardstick will be the resonance of two beings on a personal level. The best description in the world still says nothing about the therapist with whom we will deposit a portion of our lives.

During the consultation, a comfortable relationship needs to be established, one in which we feel secure, and dare to expose ourselves. Values, life experience and outlook on the world, as well as many other untold elements (even things like the colour of the walls) will all form part of the sense of security we feel and need ; something has to “click”. The first session is often revealing ; intuition lifts its voice.

Within a session, questions concerning the therapeutic process can be clarified, as well as any queries concerning particular words or phrases that are used.